Gustavo Álvarez Lopera


º Medic and surgeon (University of Antioquia).
º Orthopaedist and Traumatologist (University of Antioquia).


º Antioquia Orthopedics Society.

Labor Experience

º Orthopaedist of Orthopedic Center el Estadio (COE).
º Knee Module Surgeon EPS SURA.
º Orthopaedist Clinic el Rosario.
º Orthopaedist Clinic León XIII responsible for sports injuries and joint prosthesis.
º Orthopaedist of joint prosthesis module of EPS SURA during 20 years.
º Orthopaedist of Independent sport of Medellin (1982 -1996).
º Orthopaedist of Rionegro Sport (1986 – 1996).
º Board of Directors of Antioquia Soccer League (1990 – 2000).
º Medic of Colombia Youth Team during 4 periods.
º Medic of Antioquia Soccer Selection during 8 periods.
º Medic of Golden Eagles Itagüí (2010-2013).

¿Who am I?

I, Gustavo Álvarez Lopera, have more than 30 years of experience, in which most of my patients have been professional soccer players and I have been known by them as “hands of God”, because I always give the best of me to give back to my patients the quality of life that they have always taken

With me, you will feel taken care of as at home and from the first moment I will understand your needs offering a respectful family attention and ensuring that you understand, care and treat your illness in the best way.

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